911 in Jefferson City

4-16-24 Director Thacker and several dispatchers visited with legislators to advocate for 911 funding we well as other issues 911 is facing. From L to R:   Dispatcher Buehrlen, Supervisor Johnson, Director Thacker, State Representative Bruce Sassmann, Dispatcher Young

When 911 Can’t Answer: A Staffing Crisis in the Making

Please take a moment to read the following article written by John Grady and published in the Hermann Advertiser-Courier on Aug 4th, 2023. We are so thankful for our dispatchers! * Shared with permission from the Hermann Advertiser-Courier * ————————————————————————– The National Picture Often referred to as the ‘Great Resignation’ or perhaps more accurately the … Read more

New 911 Technology

Fox 2 News recently stopped by to help get the word out about our new 911 technology that allows us to see what is happening where you are. ​ Click the link below to watch now! https://fox2now.com/news/missouri/new-technology-allows-911-operators-to-get-first-hand-view-of-an-emergency/


Recently we’ve had a few successful 911 incidents reported via text-to-911. One involving a domestic situation and the other a very brave young man who was afraid. Because of this, I want everyone in our community to know this is available to you within Gasconade County. We are here for you 24 hours a day … Read more

HAMM Radio Operators

Gasconade County E-911 management staff along with the Gasconade County Emergency Management Director recently met with Tom Berryhill, an expert amateur radio (HAMM) operator from our community, to initiate the first stage of a coordinated effort to establish amateur radio communications in the 911 center located in Rosebud and the Gasconade County Emergency Operations Center … Read more

Radio Tower Planned at E-911 Center

Gasconade County’s emergency 911 operations will transmit from a tower the agency is having built beside its Rosebud dispatching center after directors learned in June of a 450-percent increase in rental fees for placing antennas on a leased tower. E-911 board members opted to budget $55,000 for the project after being informed by North Carolina-based … Read more

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